natural beauty workshop

Designed for all skill levels, Makeup by Tracy natural beauty workshops are created for YOU. Learn how to confidently apply your everyday makeup in a customized beauty class with Professional Makeup Artist, Tracy O’Donnell.  

To start, please fill out the Makeup Form Questionnaire below to help Tracy know exactly what you are looking for and create the most perfect everyday makeup routine for you!  


90 minute customized classes 

Designed to help educate and empower women of all ages, our 90 minute one-on-one session includes a full makeover session for any skill level. Starting with the basics, this workshop will cover everything from product recommendation, application technique, and a full face everyday makeup application. Feel free to bring in your current makeup bag, or let us recommend an entire new set of products for you. You will leave feeling more confident in applying your everyday makeup, why and how to use products for your skin type/tone, and more beautiful than ever!  


Natural Beauty Workshop: $200
(90 minute session, one-on-one session)

*Small group lessons available. Contact Makeup by Tracy for more information & pricing.